Humans of Findlay

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Kristen Johnson

On February 9th Kristen Johnson will be sworn in as the Juvenile Probate court judge.
She has spent the last 4 years preparing for this new position by being the magistrate for this court under the tutelage of Judge Davis who is retiring after 40 years on the bench. The new Judge has been in the legal system as an assistant prosecutor for 17 years here in the Findlay courts.
She received her BS degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a law degree from the Toledo Law School. She has liked the adjustment from adult court to juvenile court as she is dealing with people just entering the legal system and has a opportunity to assist and intervene early on. She also oversees abuse cases and was the catalyst in starting the Center for Safe and Healthy Children where a child can be safely interviewed and treated by a collective group of agencies. She believes she will stay in this court as she has found a niche and loves the work. She will oversee adoptions, probate, custody and other issues including traffic court in the juvenile side of the court.
Kristen is married to Phil and they have four children aged 12 to 20.
Most of her free time is spent following the sports careers of her children.
Her mom was a role model for her with her teaching, “not to worry about others may think, do what is right.”
She believes and follows the creedo, “Do what is right and treat each child as a child, not as a case. She is a strong advocate for the children of the Findlay area.