Humans of Findlay

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Rand Bucher

Rand Bucher is a man with two careers he is passionate about.
He has been a nurse at BV Hospital since 1984. He started as an orderly and worked his way through nursing school at Lima Tech and The Ohio State. He has worked in Med-Surg, Nuero-Ortho, Oncology and ICU prior to his stint in Radiology. He loves his job and the atmosphere he is allowed to work in. He was taught by his father to care for others and treat them as if they were family. Rand is proud of working for a model hospital.
Since he was ten Rand has had a camera in his hands and continues this to this day. He uses a Canon D40 and has shot dozens of weddings, engagements, senior portraits over the years. He once ran his own studio here in Findlay called Rant and Rave studios. He is proud that one of his early shots was purchased for a magazine in the middle east for a whopping 20,000 dollars.
Rand has two sons with his first wife who passed away at 39 years old from Huntington’s disease. They are both grown, successful and have given him 4 grandbabies. He is currently married to Melinda, a nurse and they have 3 “babies” named Chloe, Auzie and Maizee who give them lots of furry love.
Rand has a favorite scripture, Hebrews 11:1 and his parents were hard working people who taught him to work hard and be accountable for his actions.