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Jared Willis

Jared Willis is an amazing artist.
We met him at Awakening Minds Art studio. He was showcased at the AMA art auction this past year and sold two pieces of his art for almost 1000.00 dollars.
What makes Jared unique is that he is dealing with limitations that would stifle most of us. He was born with Seckels Syndrome which shows in delays and dwarfism. While he is 15 and in the 8th grade he is still working at a 4th grade level developmentally. He does not let this slow him down. He is an avid bowler, painter, a four year veteran of Gliding Stars and loves to sing Johnny Cash songs. Jared loves his pizza and is learning to speak Spanish.
He is a big brother to three-year old twins. When not being a dazzling young man he likes to hang out at his grandparent’s farm playing with their farm animals. He also likes tubing at the lake and swimming