Humans of Findlay

Live, Laugh, Love.

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Sam Durain

Sam (Samantha) Durain has one goal in life – to live a normal life in spite of having mental health limitations. She struggles with bi-polar issues, major depression and panic attacks especially when she is out in the public.
This started when she was 18 and in school at Ashland University where she studied for one year majoring in Political Science. When life came crashing down she returned home to regroup. She is on disability for her illness and just moved in to her own place in Findlay. She wants to be independent, go back to school, become certified in American Sign language and be an interpreter for those that are hearing impaired.
To do this she is in need of a service dog specially trained to assist her in panic attacks, nightmares and her fear of public places. She has been working with a trainer and a black lab named Brandy that soon will come to live with her. The cost is prohibitive with a price tag of 6000 plus dollars. They, Sam and her mother, need to raise the money on their own and through donations and fundraising. Sam would like to be able to go on walks and bike rides again and looks forward to being outside with her new dog. She also has a cat named Zelly. She is also active with NAMI here in Hancock county helping others with mental health issues.
Her favorite saying is “Live, Laugh, Love”.
Her Uncle Ken is her role model as “He is always checking on me , texts me everyday and does so much for everyone.”