Humans of Findlay

To inform, entertain and serve our community.”

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Dave Glass

We had the privilege to sit with the man who has been involved in the Findlay radio scene for nearly 34 years. Whether you are boot-scooting to country, head-banging to rock or following the news, they all fall under the leadership of Dave Glass, the Vice President of the Broadcast Division of The Findlay Publishing Company.
From his beginnings as an afternoon DJ on 100.5 / WHMQ, Dave has risen through the ranks and was promoted to Director of Broadcast, in 1990, by Kurt Kah, and the late Ed Heminger, to oversee of all seven of the radio stations the company owns, including four in Indiana.
He takes great pride in working with tremendously talented and dedicated professional broadcasters. He is quick to credit those “in front and behind the mic” for their endless efforts to keeping the airways fun, and the stations financially sound. He is most proud of the level of community stewardship the “radio family” gives back to the community through events such as Walk a Mile in her Shoes, the CPS Chili Cook-off, and a host of other events. He states, “It’s what happens between the records that really matters. We are here to inform, entertain and serve our community.”
Dave is also Chairman of the Ohio Association of Broadcasters, which represents 340 commercial television and radio stations throughout the state. In this position he travels to Washington D.C. to advocate for this group.
Dave has been married for 22 years and he and his wife have one son, Erik who is 20 and attends the University of Dayton. He spends free time with family and friends and occasionally (poorly) golfing. He had other opportunities in his career life but loves Ohio. “I’m from Columbus, but I fell in love with this community, that is an incredible place to live, and raise a family.” “It’s home.” My mentors will always be Ed Heminger and Kurt Kah.”