Humans of Findlay

I firmly believe if you treat others with respect you get it back.

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Tom Davis

We met up with Tom Davis as he finished a Hancock County Courthouse tour for students in the persona of John Hancock. It is just one of the roles Tom has played in his life as a public servant.

His story begins at 18 when he enrolled in Penna Tech (now Owens) and earned a degree in Police Science. He supported himself as a dispatcher for the sheriff department for Seneca County. From there he attended Heidelberg College where he studied Psychology. At 21 years of age he was sworn in as a police officer in Tiffin where he served fro five years prior to returning to his home town Findlay police department. Tom retired from the Findlay PD in 2000, holding the rank of Sergeant of Detectives in Narcotics. The same day he was sworn into the police auxiliary where he continues to serve as the longest employed officer at 37 years and counting. He calls his police comrades his second family.

Since his retirement Tom is employed as the County Risk Manager overseeing all workman’s comp cases, workplace safety, insurance, etc. for Hancock County. He works out of the court house and being a history buff began to study the history of the building. During the 2012 Findlay Bicentennial he led tours in costume and fell in love with the characters and continues to polish this roles with regular tours.

He served in the Army Reserves for 6 years where he was a communications tech and earned the rank of Sergeant. Tom also served while as a young police officer as an EMT on his days off for Tiffin and Hanco.
When not being a public servant he loves to play the drums in a golden era country band called “East of Cheyenne.”

He is married to Judy and they share 4 grown children, 6 grandbabies and one newborn great-grand child. They share their empty nest with two rescue dogs and two rescue cats.

Tom has lived his life by the Golden rule and it has served him in private and public life. “I firmly believe if you treat others with respect you get it back.”