Humans of Findlay

Beat the odds.

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Mike Ramge

To see Mike Ramge now you would never guess the path he has taken to where he is now. Once a long hair rowdy wild child of the 70’s who rode a pan head 1960 Harley chopper, he is now a clean shaven, quiet volunteering man of God. He has a conversion story that is very moving but is for him to share not post it here. He is very willing to tell how God brought him to the life he now has.

He graduated from high school and hit the road traveling the U.S. When life settled him down a bit he joined the Procter and Gamble work force and spent 23 years there until Multiple Sclerosis came into his life and left him not able to function as he was used to.

He even has had to adapt on his motorcycle riding, which he will not give up. He has added a side car to his Harley so he can maintain the balance of the bike when his legs are unable to.

Mike is the father of four grown children with his youngest daughter just leaving for college and he has an empty nest.

Since he conversion Mike has become a great volunteer at church and for the city mission where he has served food, taught classes for the men there. At church he is an usher and has taught divorce classes for adults and “Kids Coping” classes for the youth at Gateway. He also has brought bikers in droves to “Biker Sunday” with national speakers from ex-Hells Angels who speak of their conversion.

When he was still blessed with long shoulder length hair he was asked several times to play the role of Jesus in church pageants which was a faith promoting experience and very humbling to Mike..

He is a survivor of MS having been diagnosed in 1986, hospitalized and told he might never be able to function again, he has beat the odds and has a full life

His desire in life is to “help others to get the word of God. Help them find what I have found.” His role model was a co-worker named Steve Cook who was a great example to him and eventually led him to Christianity.