Humans of Findlay

Wednesday is family day.

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Mike Chiarelli

Mike Chiarelli is a very humble man who was shoved into the limelight by his daughter. She and her siblings are very proud of the their father and all he does for the community, especially those with developmental disabilities. Mike is the general manager of Staples and has been for the past 19 years. Prior to that he was with Sam’s Club and the Anderson’s Company.

He is a graduate of a small catholic school, Merrywood University in Scranton, Pa.

His work with adults with disabilities goes back 25 years to Sam’s Club where they hired a man with disabilities and upon receiving his first paycheck was so ecstatic he was dancing. Mike was sold and has found ways to hire and train such adults every where he has worked.

In 1998 he became the business representative for Woodlane Industries in Bowling Green. For his work there he was awarded the Alumni of the Year from Penta County school.

When he and his late wife moved to Findlay he joined the Blanchard Valley Industries board. In 2011 he was appointed to the 169 board which oversees all aspects of the Blanchard Valley School and Industries. They are currently 10th in the state for placing disabled workers into the work force.

Mike also sits on the Job Solutions board where they match employees with companies and provide training to place and upgrade those entering the work force. He also found time to volunteer for CASA at the Balloon Fest this year.

Mike has been blessed with 4 grandchildren and he sees them every Wednesday . They have family day and dedicate every Wednesday to get together as extended family for dinner and sharing lives.

His role models were his first generation father who taught him about family and work ethic as they lived on a farm in Perrysburg. He was also mentored by LaMar Patton and Bill VanCura at Sam’s Club. He also credits Richard Anderson at the Anderson’s for teaching him customer service.