Humans of Findlay

She loves Findlay for it's small town charm, tradition mixed with diversity. It is very balanced with all walks of life.

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Melanie Aldobaiki

We met this young lady a year ago at Cedar Valley Café where she is the manager. It is the home of delicious gyros. Melanie is an always smiling, happy, attractive young lady and very easy to talk with. She is a native of Pennsylvania migrating to Findlay in 2008 when her mother was director of Public Relations for the University of Findlay. Melanie Aldobaiki is a senior in Business Management and Human relations at the University. She plans to stay at the University to earn her MBA.

She is married and has a two-year-old daughter. She met her husband at the University where he was a Computer Information major. They have been married for five years.

Melanie is a follower of Islam converting after exploring several faiths. She loves the tenants and notes though raised in a Christian home, “We still worship the same God.” She had some difficult times when she first wore her hajib, which is an expression of faith and modesty. She lost some friends but adds the community of Findlay has been good to her. She is always welcome to discuss faith with others.
Melanie is an avid runner having raced in numerous 5 and 10k races. She was a runner in high school. She joined Dave’s Running Club and is preparing to run a half marathon in Arizona and in Toledo. She runs 25-30 miles a week. She is also a vegan and loves cooking. She would one day like to open her own restaurant

She credits Jihad and Rauda, co-owners of Cedar Valley, for allowing her to have a safe and great place to work. “They have treated me like family, are very influential and a role model for my faith.”
Melanie believes “we can make life work if we are positive and interact with each other, working together. She loves Findlay for “it’s small town charm, tradition mixed with diversity. It is very balanced with all walks of life.”