Humans of Findlay

Respect them and they will respect you.

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Ryan Kidwell

As a new corrections officer in 1991, with two weeks of training under his belt, Ryan Kidwell learned one of the great lessons of his career from an inmate. He was approached by a longtime prisoner, who told him to “relax and treat us like humans, with respect, and we will respect you back.” He has used that advice for all his years and now is the Lieutenant overseeing the jail, 98 plus prisoners, 40 plus officers and employees.

Originally a student at Owens and the University of Findlay in the areas of marketing and sales, he was approached when an opening came up at the jail and gave it a try. He found his niche and learned how to be successful in a stressful environment by “treating others as you want to be treated, show respect and be fair.” Ryan has been promoted to various positons because he was evaluated as “giving 110% every day.

The jail has changed over the years and requires constant training as drug abuse has become the number one cause of incarceration and of the jail population as many as 30 % have some facet of mental health issues. All his officers are Crisis Intervention trained and work on a De-escalation Model in handling events at the jail.

Ryan married Mindy in 1994 and they have two sons. This keeps Ryan active in Cub scouts, Boy Scouts, coaching baseball, camping and remodeling his home. He also find time each year to support NAMI with it’s Color Walk to raise funds to assist the mental health program here in Hancock County.

His Grandfather Jake taught Ryan to be family oriented, have strong values and morals and to “do your best”.