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Robin Walters-Powell

Robin Walters-Powell is Findlay through and through. Born here, a 1989 graduate of Findlay High School where she played Basketball and ran track and now the Director of the Social Work Program at the University of Findlay she loves her city.

Robin went to Ball State after high school and earned a Bachelors in Social Work and passed her test to be a licensed social worker. She moved to Lima and worked for SAFY, an adoption/foster care agency. She returned to school earning a Masters degree also in Social Work from THE Ohio State University. She was tagged to open a SAFY office in Findlay. Robin was later recruited to be the social worker over the hospital dialysis unit where she stayed for seven years. “I have covered the whole spectrum of life from birth until death in social work.”

With her experience and degree she was chosen to be a field instructor for social work candidates from the University of Findlay. From there she was asked to be an adjunct professor and began to teach classes at the university. In 2007 there was an opening for an interim director of the social work program and she was selected. This became a permanent position in 2008.

Robin has added to her advanced degrees by earning another Masters in Social Welfare/Evaluation from Wayne State. And to top all of it off in the next few weeks she will defend her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Education at the University of Findlay. She also is a advisor for the Phi Alpha club and the LGBT students on campus.

So when she does have a life away from the classroom and university she has two daughters aged 12 and 16. They are involved in basketball, FFE, and are honor students at their respective schools. “I have a flexible schedule so I take them to school and make sure to have family time for them.” She likes to travel with her girls and have been to a number of states. They also have a dog named Tegan and two cats.

Robin is known for being positive all the time. “I love Mondays as they are do-over, fresh start days.”

Her role model was her mom Norma, who raised two children as a single mom and at 73 is still working, driving and stubborn, all good traits. “I also have learned from every student as I take time to invest in every student and it pays off for them and for me.”