Humans of Findlay

"My most effective weapon is my mouth when it comes to diffusing a situation."

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Charles King

Charles King first put his life on the line to serve his country in the conflict in Afghanistan and since his return to civilian life he continues to put his life on the line in a “protect and serve” role as a police officer here in Findlay.

A graduate of Van Buren High school in 2003 he wanted to explore the world a bit and went to Wright State earning a degree in Criminal Justice. He spent time in Columbus trying to get on the police force there but times were financially tough for cities and there were hiring freezes on. Charles then decided to make things happen and joined the Army National Guard. He was trained as an intelligence analyst assisting, briefing and debriefing combat troops and locals to assess threats. In 2012 he was mobilized and spent seven months in the wind down phase of the war. He is still in the guard and has earned the rank of E-6.

Upon his return to the states he again decided to make things happen and enrolled in the police academy at Owens Toledo. He spent seven months there and he and two other class members have been hired by the Findlay police department.

“I enjoy helping people but am not a super hero. I like talking and tell students my most effective weapon is my mouth when it comes to diffusing a situation.” He is soon going to go through Crisis Intervention Training to help with those in mental distress.

Charles is engaged to a nurse and plans to tie the knot in August so being a patrol officer is not the most stressful thing in his life right now 🙂

He has a furry friend, a tarantula named Mr. Crunchy Munchy which lives at his dads house as it is not allowed in the house with his fiancé.

“I hate running but when I am off duty my mind and body needs it. It is a great destressor.” He also likes to watch Netflix and DVR shows at home in his “safe place.” He occasionally fishes and he and his young lady like to take day road trips.

He credits George Washington with instilling him, that a job he may not have wanted needed to be done.

Charles says Findlay has always been home to him.

The key to Officer King’s success and nomination is that he embodies the Golden Rule. “it is a key reasoning point when dealing with people, treat them the same way you would wish in a similar situation.”

Thank you for your service to country and community, Officer King.