Humans of Findlay

"Nothing was ever accomplished of any significance without dedication and hard work."

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Phil Riegle

County Commissioner Phil Riegle is in his third term representing Hancock County, Findlay and other communities here in NW Ohio. He took a long and winding route to get here.

A graduate of Riverdale high school, he attended the University of Findlay completing a degree in Comprehensive Social Studies in Education. He taught at Riverdale and coached soccer for a year before he was drawn to take the LSAT. Encouraged by his mother he felt it was in his future to become a lawyer. He did well and received scholarship offers. He chose the University Of Toledo graduating in 2004 with his Juris Doctorate.

While taking law classes Phil was involved in the youth ministry at his church, St Paul Lutheran. This has expanded to him becoming the Youth Ministry Coordinator.

After passing the Bar Phil became an assistant prosecutor for Hardin County, a job he enjoyed. He still felt drawn to do more and after soul searching and prayer decided to run for office as a county commissioner. He wore three hats, a youth minister, a prosecutor, and a commissioner until 2007 when the massive floods hit Findlay and out lying communities. He knew he needed to focus on the County and local needs and resigned from the prosecutor position. He loves his job as commissioner, serving the people, addressing and solving the complex issues facing his constituents, dealing with taxes, bringing new businesses to Findlay and surrounding county communities and more.

He is married to Tracy and they have three children. A son who just graduated from high school and at the other end of the age spectrum a set of twin girls who are four years old.

Phil has been inspired by several people in his life. His grandfather Richard Rose who taught him about public service and restraint, his history teacher in high school, Jim Taylor who fed Phil’s hunger for history, and his parents who while not wealthy raised three boys in a loving service oriented family.

Phil’s words of wisdom are “Nothing was ever accomplished of any significance without dedication and hard work.”